what to expect


what to expect

Our Sunday Service begins at 10:00 AM every week! We have an in-person service as well as a livestream via Facebook Live. Worship at Church at Six Forks is an active experience centered on responding to God’s saving work in our lives and contemplating God’s word in the Bible.

Each Sunday, you can expect to participate in the liturgy, which means the work of the people in worshipping God! This liturgy includes gathering in the name of God, congregational singing (contemporary songs of praise and timeless hymns), responsive readings, scripture reading, and contemplating God’s Word in the sermon. We celebrate communion the first Sunday of the month and at other special times of the year.

We welcome all people to join in the worship of the One God! No matter where you’re from or what you are going through.

For the Children

Children (infant through 2nd grade) meet in classes with the Six Forks Kids during the Sunday Service. Check in your child with the children’s volunteers at the classroom, and she or he will enjoy age-appropriate Bible fun led by volunteers and staff who are Safe Sanctuaries certified. If you are coming for your first time, you may want to arrive 10 minutes early to meet our volunteers and help your child adjust to the children’s classroom. Children are also always welcome to remain in worship!

What about my older children? Children 3rd grade and up are welcomed into the full life of worship! We believe it is important for children to grow as members of the worshipping body and learn about key parts of worship like congregational singing, Lord’s Prayer, and following the sermon.


Discipleship doesn’t end after worship! We gather as a church after worship for fellowship and further study throughout the month.